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Eco Motel Business Plan

Professional Summary

The existing hospitality along with tourism markets finds by itself under menace, almost in the form of direct reaction of the intensified awareness of the impact that is appearing Imposed by the relatively new trend that is know as local climate change.

The market industry:

As an community the motel and hospitality sectors have an abundance connected with establishments, in particular in the Significantly greater Miami regions. In essence it may therefore come to be argued that there are no need for once again hotel. The right formula to this impression is that the proposed ECO-REST accommodation project possesses two distinctive and unique features and benefits that provide it by using a potentially start up business model the fact that, to a substantial extent, can enable the exact hotel to build its own marketplace marketplace. Even further, the diversity into the not for profit arena, with the objective of providing excess profits out to help community based upon environmentally favourable projects, may show which the non-profit resort organisation can lead to change in a good manner then one that involves just about every single member of any local community.


Research has presented that the industry and leisure time traveller are becoming more discerning; In particular the following reveals per se in the worries that are being stated relating to business response to local climate change. The very overwhelming flavor consumers at this point believe that it has all the duty belonging to the hotel operator to entail the improvement in addition to changes needed to combat our planets atmosphere and they are prepared to pay a premium to those company that can demonstrate they have taken eco-friendly devices and constructions within their prices procedures along with methods of trading. With 3 quarters of holidaymakers being about in favour of it it is sharp that there is a need for the hospitality organisations that will adapt all their objectives towards a set of tips that takes into account the demands with the consumer plus face the environmental issue. Extensive online, they skin the risk of have an effect on competitive advantages and market share, neither in which options can be received favorably by shareholders who are the major investors from the hotel arena.

Hotel capabilities:

The features that are being included within the design and build of ECO-REST are intended to involve all the most advanced technology and style that is being used and highly recommended as a theme for cutting down the impact of which hotels currently have upon the planet. These include energy saving systems, tactics by which the most benefit is gained within the use of day; solar and wind-power as well as the recycling associated with basic removed and waster material. Saving money features in addition extend over and above the needs of the building to cope with environmentally friendly solutions in the garden and environment belonging to the small business. In fact the ethos of the business should be to approach every facets of the business surgery of the foundation “how environment friendly can it be. ” Research has found that this procedure not only the competitive advantage when wanting to increase business but also incorporates a positive impact upon the profitability of the internet business as well.

Running principles

ECO-REST has a idea that is created based on helping the customer, and that is the reason why it was decided that project needs to be styled as a non benefit making altruistic organisation. This allows the business to own extra flexibility to be able to donate to companies of a choice that is of favorable use to the neighborhood and its ecosystem

The Future

There does exist little hesitation that because the warning associated with climate modify becomes more vocal people are going to be more strident on their demands for any traditional solutions of the business sector. It will not come to be acceptable down the road to responds with cosmetic measures manufactured to appease. In the future consumers should take time to proof of benefits. Hotels for example ECO-REST are examples of support frames and institutions that contain the fact that proof. So there is minor doubt how the opportunity is available to be able to take advantage of this business model along with replicate that, not only in areas of the UNITED STATES but also to your international community.

1 . Adding

It is extremely rare to find a accommodation establishment inside the commercial market that works on a not-for-profit making schedule, with all too much revenue received during the year becoming utilized for charitable reasons rather than to raise shareholder/owner benefit. Similarly, handful of hotels took full advantage of all the green and bio-degradable and environmentally friendly measures widely available to this sector of the food industry. The very ECO-REST motel project was designed to fit within both of these conditions. ECO-REST Hotel, an establishment that will get 120 spaces and be situated in Greater Miami, Florida, could make full consumption of all currently available environmentally friendly tactics and acquire environmental companies to give money all gains to help pay for local earth-friendly and self-sufficient projects. The report offers the proposed strategy for ECO-REST Hotel and may outline the study that has been done into the markets, its competitors, the envisioned financial efficiency and specifications for the task.

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